43.0388054, -76.17349869999998
43.0626303, -76.1463868
43.0742849, -76.1482918
43.0445639, -76.1652701
43.0469718, -76.0955835
43.0436855, -76.1736727
43.034823, -76.1442831
43.054593, -76.1326002
43.0207335, -76.1593813
43.0420796, -76.1638561
43.0476495, -76.115599
43.0398713, -76.1501056

Locations / Hours

Syracuse Community Health Center is a network of 12 locations centrally located throughout Onondaga County. Each site offers health care services staffed by professional providers. Each location is convenient to bus lines and free parking is available. For a detailed listing of our Hours of Operation, please click here for our Primary Health Care Centers Site Page.

Patients at Syracuse Community Health Center have access to clinical advice 24/7 by using one of the following methods:
Patients with a medical emergency at any time should dial 911 for assistance.
• Patients seeking clinical advice for non-emergency matters or routine questions can call our main office at 315-476-7921 and speak with a representative during regular business hours. Calls will be directed to the appropriate clinical area for assistance.
• By logging into our Patient Portal, SCHC patients can send a secure, private message to their provider at any time where it will be responded to promptly. Within the portal, patients also have access to their medical records, lab/imaging results and can request an appointment. For more information about the Patient Portal click here: Patient Portal
• Patients with urgent (non-emergency) medical concerns after hours can call our main office at 315-476-7921. Calls will be answered by an after-hours service. Urgent medical needs will be directed to an on-call provider as appropriate. Routine questions or needs should be reserved for regular business hours.

Primary Health Care Centers

Main Office (Salina Street)
Open until 8:00pm
819 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 476-7921
East Health Care Center
Open until 5:15pm
1938 East Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY 13210
(315) 474-4077
West Health Care Center
Open until 5:15pm
603 Oswego Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 424-0800
South Health Care Center
1701 South Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13207 ** This facility is currently not open **

School-Based Health Care Centers

Delaware Elementary School
Open until 4:30pm
900 South Geddes Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4452 Fax: (315) 234-3377
Dr. King Elementary School
Open until 4:30pm
416 East Raynor Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 435-4031 (Fax: (315) 234-1070
Dr. Weeks Elementary School
Open until 4:30pm
710 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13203
(315) 435-4030 Fax: (315) 234-1071
Fowler High School
Open until 4:30pm
227 Magnolia Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4410 Fax: (315) 234-3378
Franklin Elementary School
Open until 4:30pm
428 Alvord Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
(315) 435-4102 Fax: (315) 234-5923
Grant Middle School
2400 Grant Blvd. Syracuse, NY 13204
HW Smith Elementary School
Open until 4:30pm
1130 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, NY 13224
(315) 435-6266 Fax: (315) 234-0465
Westside Academy at Blodgett
Open until 4:30pm
312 Oswego Street, Syracuse, NY 13207
(315) 435-6431 Fax: (315) 234-3127